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Everything's coming up MERMAIDS

Word on the street is that I have created a webcomic that has sucked up all my LJ time and THAT would absolutely correct. My new work, Mermaid Hostel, is about the Shellington Hostel and all its finned inhabitants. Feel free to start reading at the beginning, I update every Friday or Finday as I call it. I'm the only one who calls it that, it's not really catching.

Another cartoonist, Brandon Elston, and I recently held our birthday bash (annual) Hillbilly Heaven. It was a blast and I'm making Jello-O molds for cakes from now on! Well, for people who eat gelatin.

DumBelle played some rousing folk tunes and I really want to break out the musical instruments now or at least sing in harmony. Robyn Chapman dances cutely in front. I'm not sure if I can upload media right anymore (BECAUSE I'M OLD NOW) so you can follow the link for that.
Brandon and I jammed this bitchin' invitation:

Last, but certainly not least, my recent menstruation comics were mentioned in BITCH magazine. Pretty bitchin'. And here is said article:

More on MERMAID HOSTEL later and other shenanigans!

More visiting artists

School has been busy and last week I went to New York to have a meeting with my advisor, Jessica Abel. And I'm working a lot on my projects! Here are some sketches in the meantime.

Anne Sibley O'Brien
Anne Sibley O'Brien

Alison Bechdel
Bechdel Sketch

Tom De Haven
Tom De Haven Sketch

Recent Visiting Artists

James Kochalka of American Elf fame
James Kochalka

John Porcellino of King Cat fame
John Porcellino

Audit this!

Alec Longstreth, one of my favorite human beings, spent three hours discussing taxes, invoicing and organization. Instead of doing my design work for a certain comic book company (sorry, boys) or unpacking stray boxes in my apartment (sorry, Morgan) I spent three hours organizing the SHIT out of my receipts. Last year, I collected receipts but loosely in a drawer, wrote nothing on them and half the ink faded. Now, they are stapled to a regular sheet of paper and filed by event/months. I'm so fucking ready for filing, well almost, I can't wait! My mom, the accountant, practically cried tears of happiness and said in her cute Southern accent, "Bless that Alec! He's the Comics-Will-Love-You-Back guy, right?" He totally gave us handouts but here is a little board play. Time to do my other work now!
Alec talks money

New Hat!

That is all! Please enjoy your regular programming.

My phone actually took a better picture than this computer. Argh

Got it. Wear rainbow knit hat WHILE cartooning! on Twitpic

SPX. Was. Awesome.

It went swimmingly! I drove down with Max de Radigues (of Belgium) and Morgan Pielli (of Connecticut) for the party at Atomic Books in Baltimore. Liz Baillie, Mk Reed and Ken Dahl (Gabby) read from their new books as well as John Porcellino, Peter Kuper, etc. They also gave me a little Nerdlinger Award, which I shall consume after I finish my next mini-comic. My table was right next to GB Tran's and I must have accidentally grabbed his ass four-five times, there was so little room in our corner.
GB Tran and I clink it
We unfortunately left our friends and their awesome new antho-mini WEREWOLF for greener pastures. It was great to see all our friends again. These conventions begin to feel like summer camp, you see the same people 3-4 times a year and everyone is hopped up on comic highs! Two of the anthologies I contributed to to debuted, Big Sexy by Trees and Hills and Lumberjack: a field guide by Colleen AF Venable and Marianne Ways. I always feel so lucky to be grouped together with fantastic creators and storytellers. Marianne and Colleen AF are particular dolls because they left the con to get supplies to make me a PINK BEARD after I made some comment. True crafters and cartoonists. Here are Colleen AF and Marianne in their bearded glory:
Collen AF and Marianne: choose your weapons wisely
Later at the Ignatz, two White River Junctionites won bricks! Cat Garza for Outstanding Online comic and Colleen Frakes for Promising New Talent. Her Woman King is absolutely fantastic and occasionally gruesome (to my delight). Her new work, Basket Ogress, will no doubt be even better. Much fun was had by all, sales were pretty good and I can never complain when there is some type of ladies in big hats in the ballroom next to us (praise groups, then Miss Maryland competition). Oh right! Miss Maryland actually came into the bathroom while I was washing up and stalked into her stall crown, sash and all. Obnoxiously I stated, "If I won a crown, you can bet I'd wear it while pooping." No comment from the queen on her throne but truly, it was quite a sight to see.
Ross Campbell is the man.
Also, I finally met Ross Campbell who drew the cover for my very first zine, SuperGrrrl Adventure Comix. He received issue 2 and other menstruation goodies with much gusto. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by my table especially you with the blue hair who came back the second day to get more. You've got a special place in my uterus. And sweet Heidi Macdonald, thanks for the mention. Time to draw.

SPX! Where the fuck are you?!

I am right here, hard at work and sorry to have left you alone for so long. Let me stroke your wrinkled brow and tear-stained cheeks. Anyway, on the road to the Small Press Expo in the morning. First, we are stopping at Atomic Books in Baltimore for SPX-plosion 2 with readings by Ken Dahl, Julia Wertz, Liz Baillie and Mk Reed, to name a few! Then two fantastic days in Bethesda! I'll be giving out this new watercolor print called Menstrual Cup Love for anyone who buys both Menstruation Station and Don't Hate, Menstruate (which now have fancy schmancy Paypal buttons on my site).  My new comic work is debuting in Lumberjacks: A Field Guide, How We Met by Always Comix and the Big Sexy Anthology by Offshore Comix. We are tabling at C14 so just look for the rainbow. Look at Bethesda, I'm going to rock your fucking' karaoke-comic socks off!  More updates soon! Or possibly drunken karaoke videos.

Narcissist. Who, ME?

Heeee! Emi of EmiTown posted a comic about our dinner and hour hourS with a little drawing of me! If you didn't want to read her stuff before, now there is more ME in it. 

People, people, people

Brett, the boss man, held a dinner for interns last night and we had a blast eating at ¿Por Qué No? in Portland. Perfect tacos that come with a slice of lime like the ones I am used to in my favorite border town, Las Floras (aka Nuevo Progresso). I met many a great people like Chris Ross, who designed and layed out a lot of good Top Shelf books like Woodsman Pete, Veeps, and American Elf. Emi Lenox organized the Top Shelf office into the wonder of graphic novels and floppies it is now and makes her own fantastic diary comics. Clare Siepser, the submissions coordinator, dropped by as well as Leigh Walton, the marketing coordinator/Top Shelf 2.0 guru. 
Leigh, Emi and Chris!

The night continued with many fantastic drinks by the ol' bartender himself, I had some fabulous gin and cucumber drink I am sure most fans of the veggie would enjoy. And there was copious Tweeting/texting/internet fact-checking. And then a fabulous chocolate martini made with Silk. Hmmm. Alright, Vaughn, hydrate and finish your work! I'm in town for four more days and am a-hustling!
Brett Warnock y yo.


Thanks for being glib.

Since I am a Temporary resident of Portland, I feel I can weigh in on the alternative media and a recent article written in the Portland Mercury really teed me off. I suppose Alison's (the writer*) smart-mouthed accusations are a substitute for quality writing and actual research. "Tentacles of Terror" is an obvious riff on horror comics of yore and how can we be sure that the astronaut is actually a female? This is STAR WARS, remember how effeminate a young Mark Hamill looked in the trilogy? The comments below the article basically sum up my feelings, the astronaut is fully covered in ARMOR and there is no torn clothing, no penetration (of anus or supposed vagina) and the tentacles are completely surrounding said astronaut. As a blatant feminist and a huge cunt, I fight the fights when there is something actually wrong. I highly doubt Alison sees a penis every time she sees a road marker, a vagina in every doorway, an anus in every cup. Hmm, but that might not be a bad way to live. I'd probably never stop having orgasms if I lived that way but that's another story altogether. Let's just put that rape card back in our pocket and pull it out when we are really dealt a tentacle rape card, 'kay? 

*Really disappointed in you, btw.



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